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Buy Verified PayPal Accounts. Buy USA, UK, CA phone number and Bank verified and Credit Card verified PayPal account. 100% money-back guarantee.

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Buy PayPal Account

If you’ve been wanting to buy a PayPal account, you’ve come to the right place. PayPal is a great way to send and receive money online and has been a success for many years. You can use PayPal on your computer or phone. There are sellers available who can help you buy a PayPal account and start using it immediately.

Verified PayPal accounts

Verified PayPal accounts are important for people who use PayPal for a long time. This is because unverified accounts have limitations on the amount of money they can send and receive. These restrictions are lifted after an account becomes verified. Then, a verified account can send and receive any amount they want, and there are no other limits.

Cost of buying a PayPal account

The cost of buying a PayPal account varies depending on the type of business you run. Some small businesses might only use the account for small-scale transactions, while larger ones might need to set up a more sophisticated payment system. PayPal has many features, including a mobile application. In addition, it doesn’t charge monthly or annual fees. However, you should expect to pay 2.7% + $0.15 per transaction for keyed transactions, plus 1.5% for currency conversion and cross-border fees.

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